Inaugural Conference of stsing

This conference inaugurates stsing e.V., an association (“Verein”) doing Science and Technology Studies (STS) in and through Germany, established in 2020. STS is an interdisciplinary field of research and activity interested in how science and technology are practically done and socially embedded. The association is informed by international discussions and brings together networks of senior and early career researchers. stsing e.V. currently has over 100 members from a broad range of disciplines in German-speaking countries, universities and research institutions, with working groups engaged in inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration. Find more information on the stsing e.V. website:

TU Dresden
March 19-22, 2024

Organizing Committee

Sandra Buchmüller, Michaela Büsse, Kristiane Fehrs, Moritz Ingwersen, Anja H. Lind, Johanna Mehl, Judith Miggelbrink, Michelle Pfeifer, Susann Wagenknecht

Chair of Micro-Sociology and Techno-Social Interaction
Chair of North American Literature and Future Studies
Chair of Human Geography
Chair of Digital Cultures
Chair of Thermodynamics

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